View Customer Transactions and Adjust Point Balances

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Loyalty Points allows you to view various transaction types, see a history log of actions your customers have taken, and make adjustments to your customer's current point balances.


  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Loyalty Points.
  3. Select Customers.

    From the side navigation bar, select Customers

  4. From here, you can sort customers by Status, Transaction Type, and Customer Tier. Select Apply Filters to search.

    Note: You're also able to search for a specific customer by name.

    Search for the customer using the Search for Customer search text box using their name, or use the Filter by Status dropdown below that (member, non-memnber, restricted, excluded), or transaction type in the middle (multiple options), or the customer tier to the far right

  5. Select the desired customer.

    Click the desired customer's Name

  6. From here you can filter by transaction type and date range.

    Note: Hovering over the page icon, beside the transaction type, provides more information about the transaction.

    Use the Filter by Type (left side) or Date Range (right side) filters to further filter the customer's transactions

  7. To change the customer's point balance, select Adjust Balance.

    Select Adjust Balance in the top-right corner

  8. Enter the adjustment amount, the reason for the adjustment and select Adjust Points.

    Note: Adjustment values must have either a plus ( + ) or minus ( - ) sign in front of them. The adjustment is a change to the customer's current point balance.

    Use the top textbox to make the points adjustment, using either a plus or minus symbol to add or subtract points. Use the middle textbox to enter in a reason for your own reference, and select Adjust Points in the bottom-right corner once you're finished

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